Why Barter? How To Get What You Need For Free

Have you ever wondered how two completely different animals can somehow come together and live and play in harmony? While its absolutely beautiful to witness its nothing more than a trade off. (a way of bartering, IMO). Both parties are getting something out of the deal. It could very well be compassion, friendship, comfort, protection, love, etc. You get what I mean, there are a variety of reasons of why this occurs and why it is beneficial to both. So I must pose the question, why barter?

Pure Joy

Pure Joy

So I say all of this to say……why are the vast majority of humans still solely relying on money (paper currency) to get the things we need? In 2015, we have options like never before. Its really simple to walk into any store and purchase exactly what you need (if you have the money) however if you are low on funds, this can get a little tricky. Instead of pulling out your wallet I would like to attempt to alter your thinking while showing you how to get what you want “for free.”

Wouldn’t it be great to receive a few services without having to actually pay a dime for them? Does the idea of having chores such as lawn maintenance, handy man services, house cleaning done for free sound like music to your ears? Well it should. Instead of trading dollars for services, why  not trade services for services? Duh, right. Sounds like a bit of a no brainer now. People have been doing this since the begining of time, you just didn’t know about it. Until now!

While sitting around with one of my sisters this past weekend she posed the question of why we never barter for services? My ears instantly went up and (an energy efficient light bulb appeared over my head, lol) my mind started going. We began to brainstorm about the various areas that I thrive as well as the others in which she tends to thrive. Very quickly we could see that certain things come that come easy to me were viewed more as a chore to her. So quite naturally it seems only fair that we would trade services instead of money. No need to shift our budgets and look for money, we could simply state what we needed and find a way to provide services at our leisure.

This new way of thinking made me question if I could use this same method for other task that neither of us were wanting to do.  As I took a peak out of my living room window I was instantly reminded of the task of mowing my lawn would be beneficial to me at this very moment. While being true to myself, I did exactly what I would usually do in a situation where I am not as knowledgable as I would like to be. So I “Googled It.” After googling “bartering for services” I actually came across several sites one of which has been up and running for several years (www.u-exchange.com).

After taking a look around, I found that people were actively trading services for things like dental work, house sitting, dog walking, home organization, etc. You name it, people were exchanging services for it. I must admit, business insight, etc. It was quite refreshing to say the least. Like minded people all actively seeking people who would help them while helping themselves for nothing more than the greater good of each other.

I know what you maybe thinking, “well is it safe?” While I have never used the service personally I would encourage you to do your own research. However if you aren’t quite ready to jump in and give it a try, use what you already have. Your circle of family and friends is a great place to start! You know them and are already aware of their strengths and what they can offer you as well as how they can also benefit from exchanging services. All is left is thinking about what you need.  Think outside the box a little and I am sure you can create a laundry list of task that you have been putting off.

By now, I’m sure your wheels are turning and thoughts are running through your mind regarding just what you could be getting for no more than an exchange of a little of your time. If you really want to sweeten the deal, get a few friends involved and see just how beneficial this could be. Imagine decluttering, or having a painting party of friends getting your to do list complete, organizing those stuffed closets, cleaning those dusty ceiling fans, etc (I ain’t judgin’). This bartering system requires nothing more than a little thought and the ability to do what you agree to do.  Plain and simple, hold up your end of the deal.

After having this discussion with my sister we realized that she needs the shea butter that I mix (as well as painting services that I enjoy) so instead of her paying me I can provide her a few jars while she exchanges organization and interior design concepts to beautify my home for me. No money spent however we will both enjoy knowing that we received what we needed without having to actually spend any money.  So essentially we have created our own way of achieving what we need while helping someone else get what they need.

Actually, this isn’t anything new for us. Now that I think about it my sister and I have traded services for the last 7 years (at least) if not more. We would paint rooms within our homes, declutter my garage, haul away unwanted furniture, shop thrift stores for new finds for me to repourpose, etc.  Ultimately, you are only limited by how big or small you think regarding potential bartering opportunities.

I hope that the information that I’ve shared works as well for you as it is for me. Please be sure to subscribe, share and comment on this post. I would love to hear your comments regarding bartering and what you plan on doing in an effort to keep your coins. Be sure to stop soon for other interesting facts, new ways of thinking or compelling stories. Have a blessed and prosperous!


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