Where Are Those New Year Resolutions Now?

Where Are Those New Year Resolutions Now?

As the first month of the new year ends are you still motivated to keep those new year resolutions? Or is it already a thing of the past? Be honest. Where Are Those New Year Resolutions Now? For many, those resolutions are no longer even a passing thought. Its back to business as usual. New seasons of your favorite television shows are back in rotation and I can’t lie I absolutely adore Scandal! However, while I enjoy the show I also understand that I have never received a check from being a viewer. This thinking allows me to keep everything in perspective and remember that this is merely entertainment and it can be recorded and viewed at my leisure (with a big mug of Chocolate Chai tea). My plan has never been to sit in front of the TV and watch as someone else lives their dreams, I’d prefer to work on creating my own.

Where Are Those New Year Resolutions Now?


We are all (or should be) in search of ways to keep motivated while ensuring that we are continuously meeting or exceeding the goals that we have set for ourselves. I am no different. As I have stated before, new year resolutions are not a priority for me so I don’t make them, instead I set goals.  So where Are Those New Year Resolutions Now? Let me see the goals that I have set are more of a guide for ensuring that I am on the path to being able to check off another task as completed thus putting me closer to being able to eventually enjoy the lifestyle that I envision for my family. One of my goals for myself was to actually create a working environment (within my home) where I can continually create, inspire and achieve unimaginable success within my business.

If you are attempting to create or complete any task while in a cluttered space it will prove to be virtually impossible! Attempting to create anything among chaos is sure to create an undesirable result. Naturally, you will begin to hop from one project to another because there are so many things within reach that are in disarray and require your immediate attention. This is not what I have heard or read, this was my experience. I can personally recall a time where I was actually listening to a motivational audio on Youtube while simultaneously processing a shipment to send to Amazon, checking my emails,  responding to someone on my team via Facebook messenger while reaching for my phone to disarm the alarm so that I could remember to pay an EZ Pass fee and another alarm reminding me of a company webinar. Now that’s a lot. Needless to say, I had to listen to that motivational audio again as I obviously wasn’t actively listening while working on so many other things all at once.

So with this new mission to redo my office space I am now actively planning the space of my dreams! This office will serve me on many levels including providing a bit of a sanctuary, an uplifting place to grow my business and a space that will speak to me in ways that I am finding it hard to verbalize. As my anticipation grows I look forward to sharing with you the pictures that will document this journey from start to finish.  As I continue to configure the layout this project is sure to be just what I needed to create the type of work that I wish to be known for. Stay tuned, you are sure to be just as inspired as I am! Please take a moment to enjoy the link below, now is always the perfect time for motivation.

dream on

Keep asking yourself, where Are Those New Year Resolutions Now? And you will be on the right track.

Be sure to comment, let me know what you are working on and what your steps are for ensuring your success. Thanks for stopping by, see you soon!

Iedda P.

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