Verizon Wireless Should Be Ashamed…

Verizon Wireless should be ashamed of the service that they are providing to their customers (if you can even call it service)! After being a customer for at least 6 years I would never have expected to have my contract end like this.  Allow me to provide a little background regarding the actual straw that broke the camels back.


Back in December after chaperoning my sons field trip and holding another kids Gatorade in my bag, my phone unfortunately drowned. While enjoying a hay ride, my phone just didn’t make it. That same day I did some research to look for a phone that would provide all of the features that I personally needed, which actually weren’t to many. I needed a phone with a lasting battery as I routinely use the Amazon Seller and Ebay Apps for retail arbitrage online, as well as I needed a decent camera. Everything else would be simply nice to have.  After seeing the over 2,400 positive reviews of the Samsung Galaxy Exhibit T599, I was sold.

I arrived at a Verizon Wireless store and purchased the phone. I actually had left the store happy and couldn’t wait to put the memory of not having my other information from the previous phone available to me but it wasn’t a big deal (just pics and text messages). After only 10 days I was experiencing to many issues with this new phone to overlook. The battery was nowhere near what others had experienced, the camera was actually not good at all and the button being on the back of the phone was very inconvenient and weird. So I decided to simply exchange it for another phone. I was informed almost immediately upon walking through the door that there would be a $150 fee for my not having the original box. While it was never my plan to purchase a phone that wouldn’t work as it was designed too, I couldn’t understand why the cost was so inflated. Especially considering I had only paid $130-ish for the actual phone. Side note, I never pay more than $150 for a cell phone as I have never had one that lasted for me more than 14 months. So this further let me know that the box was actually worth more than the phone, or so I told myself.

After leaving unhappy I returned the next day feeling as if there just  had to be another way to get this issue resolved. After speaking with another rep I was provided an alternative to paying that ridiculous fee, however his remedy wasn’t much better. His idea involved me waiting until the 14th day and than contacting tech support, having them to trouble shoot my phone. Upon them seeing that the phone was in fact inoperable he assured me that they would send me a new phone. Upon arrival, I would then sell the phone on Ebay, return the broken phone to Verizon and than return to the store to buy the new phone of my choice. Now it sounds like a lot mainly, because it is. As wild and outlandish as it sounds, I actually did it. Every step of it! Needless to say, the phone didn’t sell immediately. I received a few low ball offers, several listings ended without a sell however it eventually sold 30 days later.

After returning the phone and never receiving my rebate or the credit to my account for that phone you can just imagine the amount of steam that had to be fuming from my ears! After contacting customer support with my complaints and being shuffled around by at least 3 representatives I asked to speak to a manager. I was instead transferred to a “Tier 2 Prick!” He basically informed me that I wouldn’t speak to anyone above him as he was “Tier 2” and that there was nothing that could be done. I should basically except it. I immediately asked about my termination fees and was basically quoted a little over $900 to terminate my service. After obtaining no remedy, I took my number and ran.

I ran right to Walmart and purchased a family plan. Instead of paying $195 for 2 phone lines that provided nothing but headache, I decided to switch to Walmart and pay less than $80 for both lines and maintain my sanity. For the full first month I smiled every time I thought of the relief of no longer being kept in a contract for a company who cared nothing about me as a customer. This incident caused me to reevaluate other companies that I use for monthly services.

Fast forward to today, March 26, 2015 and my phone rings. I answer the call and its a Verizon Wireless representative wanting to know which way I will be paying my bill of over $2000 (credit or check)? I immediately responded neither and asked about the phone being removed from my bill. She didn’t hesitate to tell me that the phone was never actually received. As she continued I reached for the shipping label that I had kept (as a similar incident happened only a year ago with them). After she finished, I informed her that I had been anticipating this call from Verizon contacting me to tell me that they never actually received the phone. After reading her the tracking number something magical almost miraculous happened! Her computer was instantly updated and now she also had this information ready and available at her finger tips. Who knew it could be that simple? She actually had receipt of my phone being received!

She informed me that because the phone was received after 14 days that not only am I not entitled to receive the phone back but my account will also not be credited the cost of the phone that I am being charged which is $499, even though they have the phone (or have since resold it). The representative apologized to me and said that while she was sorry and wished she could return the phone that it was just “Verizon policy.” I equally felt sorry for her because I couldn’t imagine working for a company where it is their “policy” to royally screw their customers and dress it in a term such as “policy.” Now that that is done I am left to wait on another phone call from someone else that can hopefully resolve this issue.

I say all of that to say, I know I am not alone. What are your most recent experiences regarding customer service? Do you also feel that it is dead or pretty much non-existent? I look forward to hearing your thoughts.

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