So What’s Your Plan Now?

So What's Your Plan Now?
What’s Your Plan Plan Now?

So What’s Your Plan Now?
Now that you’ve joined yet another business opportunity or aimed to reach a specific goal and somehow managed to come up short, yet again, what now? You have found yourself in that same position of wondering what happened because you were certain that this time it was going to be different. Especially, because you can see that this opportunity is actually working for everyone else around you. Quite naturally, you may begin to question your ability, but don’t (everything ain’t for everybody)! ……And so you will eventually wonder what to do next? Do you give up or do you simply start over? Do you rethink your course of action or do you simply complete the same steps over again hoping/wishing and praying for a different result this time around.

I think we can all agree that we have to do something different in order to achieve a different result. If it didn’t work the first time it probably won’t work now considering you are completing the exact same steps/method. So it’s pretty safe to assume change is necessary. If you are interested in making a change in any area of your life, it is important that you create a course of action or specific set of  rules that you will follow to get you there. Just so you know, the world’s wealthiest people have a set schedule of how they will spend their day, so why shouldn’t we? It is imperative that we avoid “winging” our days and than eventually wondering why our anticipated outcome wasn’t achieved.

We are actually pretty lucky (or could this just be the optimistic voice inside of me) to be living/thriving in 2015! With the internet at your finger tips and all of the information that can be obtained with the click of a button there is virtually no excuse for any of us to not have everything that our hearts desire. While reading through the July 2015 issue of Essence Magazine I came across an excerpt that I cannot stop thinking about, and so of course  I felt compelled to share. It read, “More Than 40% of the workforce will be self-employed by 2020.” BY 2020!!! I swear I hope you get this. That’s literally less than 5 years!

So What's Your Plan Now?

So What’s Your Plan Now?

While I’m not exactly sure what you took from that “however” reading that small excerpt literally lit a spark in me! It almost serves as validation for me that I am doing exactly what I am supposed to be doing! Entrepreneurship is a perfect place to be. Mistakes in all, I am much closer to my goals than I was a year ago, that’s for certain.  While I started out writing this post for someone else to hopefully stumble upon in the very near future, it is actually turning out to be a bit of a diary entry for me.  So continue reading to see where this goes (I am unsure myself).

While I am new to Blogging and started this as a way to brand myself it is quickly turning into more for me. If you don’t mind, I would like to share a bit of my entrepreneurial journey in an attempt to make this all make sense. Since leaving active duty (Navy) in 2009 I have found several ways to make money from home. One of which was selling on Ebay. I have sold hundreds of items on eBay and have actually enjoyed the experience. Some of my experiences are highlighted here. I began selling stuff from around my home and eventually started thrifting for profit (check back for more info regarding my first webinar). A few years later I joined DS Domination and really have enjoyed the experience (drop shipping merchandise without actually housing inventory) and than started selling on Amazon. Overall the experience has been great however, like many people I began comparing my progress to others and eventually started to decline as a result. I lost focus,  is really the only way to say it.

I watched as other members were building houses, withdrawing thousands of dollars from the bank (of money that they profited) and enjoyed family vacations as I barely broke my personal monthly $1400 mark. That was tough for me, however I have since realized that it is more important for me to be true to myself than it is to try and achieve someone else’s personal best. My goal is no longer to  make $15,000+ per month (eventually I will) it is instead to seek the things that bring me the most joy and to be paid greatly for it!

I said all of this to say, each of us have our own journeys to take so why should I, or you, attempt to follow in someone else’s footstep? It appears to be way more fun to create your own path anyway! A perfect example of that would be the Netflix show “Orange Is The New Black.” How fitting is that these beautiful ladies are actually on the cover (I couldn’t have planned that better). Anyway, if you have never scene the show, please take a look, you will be instantly hooked. I personally love the show because it shows various nationalities of women in real life situations. It’s hard not to feel as if you know these women personally while also enjoying a birds eye view and seeing first hand that your situation isn’t actually that bad. You have freedom of choice, you have the ability to redirect your course if it isn’t going as you would like as well as many other tools in your tool box.

Now that I got all of that out, I pray that you will not leave this post without contemplating what changes you can/will make in your life to put yourself in a position to get closer to realizing/achieving all of your goals. If you are an entrepreneur and want to ensure your success, there are a few things that you just have  must do if you want to ultimately ensure your success.

  1. Start hanging around like minded people. Search for entrepreneur meet ups/mastermind groups in your area. This will prove to be priceless as seeing other people achieve their goals will inspire you on your path. Not to mention the network that you will create around you. Your net worth is only as strong as your network, so get connected! If everyone you hang around works for a job that they hate, chances are they are content/avoiding change. Don’t let their attitudes unconsciously affect your progress. Checkout sites like www.entrepreneurship.meetup.com www.masterminds.meetup.com for more information.
  2. Your Mindset Matters! Each day, you should focus at least an hour on improving your mindset. Get rid of the negative talk, self doubt or any other thinking that doesn’t serve you. This can be achieved by simply going to Youtube (daily) and listening to a motivational audio, an audio book on personal development or simply asking other business owners what books have served them along the way. This is a great way to start and end your day!
  3. Start with praise! I start my day with a daily entrepreneurial call, hosted by The Unit of Prosperity at 8 a.m EST and again at noon. These daily weekday calls prove to be a blessing as it helps me to rethink what it is that I desire most. I would love to invite you, simply dial in to the number below and enjoy!
Entrepreneur call

Morning Prayer Call/Noon Prosperity Call

4.  Make a daily “to do list.” When you know exactly what you have to do, the task won’t appear to be as daunting, not to mention your productivity will go through the roof. Making a daily to do list of 3-5 task will prove to be very beneficial. Considering if you only completed 3 task daily you would have close to 20 task completed each week.  Always work on the most challenging task first thus making the other task easier to accomplish.


Get Organized

Get Organized

5.   Get Organized! I cannot stress this enough. If you are trying to work with a few sloppy piles of paper scattered around, it will appear/prove to be virtually impossible. You will find yourself spinning your wheels while going no where fast. Shred, organize           and find a home for all the things that ware floating within your living areas. Its hard to unwind/relax or focus when everywhere you look all you see is work or something else that requires your attention.

Ultimately, I hope something within this post speaks to you and motivates you to continue striving for more! Please feel free to share your dreams (and this post) as well as your goals & aspirations below. I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks for stopping by!
Don’t forget to ask yourself…“So whats your plan now?”


Iedda Patterson

“Mistakes are proof that you are “TRYING!”



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