Save My Edges Is Finally Here, My personal hair journey

Save My Edges Is Finally Here, My personal hair journey

Save My Edges Is Finally HereMy natural hair journey started back in November of 2008. After researching (what felt like several months) I finally made the decision to refrain from using harsh chemicals on my hair. From that day forward I decided that I would no longer relax my hair and would instead embrace the texture that naturally grew from my scalp. So I appreciate the thought process called Save My Edges Is Finally Here to  my journey was very enjoyable, mainly because I had grown accustomed to having short hair. My relationship with my hair has always been that of a love/hate relationship and resulted in my waking up every few years and deciding that I no longer wanted hair. Most times it was due to the rising temperatures and my simply not feeling like dealing with hair. My next move usually resulted in my letting my sister cut off my hair (for fun) and than going to the barber shop for a shape up. Lets be clear, my hair was usually only about shoulder length as my hair would tend to grow and stop just at my shoulder.

Luckily I was never big on hair and wanting long hair with the exception of having a towel draped over my hair and pretending it was hair as a little girl. The freedom that short hair provided including the ability to wash my hair before and after the gym, brush it or not or just throw on a head wrap has always helped me to love my low hair cut. Not to mention the barber shop proved to be very entertaining. Making the decision to return to my natural state was actually extremely enjoyable. I got the chance to experience learning about what my 4c hair liked and didn’t like, what caused it to thrive and what I should just leave alone. This journey has been amazing to say the least and I am so thankful that I made the change sooner than later.

My personal hair journey started me on the path of wanting to make my own hair products so that I would know exactly what I was using. I began experimenting with various butters including shea, mango and cocoa butter as well as various essential oils to moisturize my hair. This proved to be very beneficial, so much so that I had friends and family ask me to make extra for them. Eventually this turned into a business and Beyön Body Butter was born. I sold a line of all natural products at local markets and hair shows in the DC area for several years.

Fast forward to now and I am now sharing my newest product, “Save My Edges Finally Here.” After frequenting many natural hair blogs, forums, Facebook groups I have noticed a glaring similarity, many of us are suffering from damaged edges. Many can attribute the damage to wearing tight braids, chemical damage, wearing wigs and for various other reasons. Whatever the reason, this amazing product was born! Save My Edges, is a 100% natural cold pressed oil that will effectively work to restore your edges while providing just the right medicinal value to promote hair growth.
Ingredients: Argan Oil, Black Jamaican Castor Oil, Pimento Leaves & Wheat Germ Oil.

This product is for external use only. Do not use if allergic to nuts and/or wheat.

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