My Introduction To Shawn Mendes

Ok so I must admit, I am a little late in finding our the magic of Shawn Mendes! But better late than never right. While cooking dinner and enjoying hearing my little ones play with Disney blaring in the background something magical happened. It was Shawn Mendes performing “Something Big” after hearing it for only a few seconds I found myself singing along and pressing rewind. I had to hear it again. After the third replay I was truly in ahh of this kid! His voice is amazing to say the very least. My next move was to grab my tablet and go straight to Youtube, I couldn’t keep holding my son hostage as he was over seeing me and my daughter dancing and singing with our hands in the air. For the next 40 mintues (thats a record as Youtube usually holds me for about 4 hours at a time) I was intrigued by all of the acoustic covers and other songs from him and some of his loyal fan base. Its odd that I found him on Disney however I’m glad I did. Somehow I know I’m not alone so I felt compelled to include at least one of his videos. Enjoy, something tells me I will be buying some new music really soon. Thanks Shawn!

So I couldn’t stop at just one. Had to include a bonus video (it’s ok you can thank me later). I found myself hoping right back on Youtube. I should have used my headphones because my son reminded me that I said I was done watching his videos, lol. Enjoy!


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