How To Start And Grow Your Business Using Fiverr

First off, if you’ve never heard of Fiverr allow me to formally welcome you (while being the first to ask, where have you been?). Now let me fill you in. Fiverr is a global online marketplace where both regular people and business owners can secure a variety of services starting at just $5 (hence the name). Cool right?! You can quickly browse sellers offering a plethora of services including; blog creation, logo design, SEO, voice overs, ebook editing, etc.  So basically, if you can think of it, more often than not someone is already selling it on Fiverr (however if they aren’t you may have just found yourself a niche’ as a new seller). With over 120 categories to choose from and a variety of sellers from more than  195+ different countries, you are sure to find exactly what you have been searching for!

Fiverr Flyer

Fiverr Flyer

I have personally used Fiverr for a variety of task including; creating my product flyer (as shown above), product logo (shown below), increasing my wordpress traffic, to creating my product prototype images using CAD just to name a few. It would be virtually impossible and possibly downright disrespectful to offer to pay a “professional” $5 for a service that they could generally charge much more for.  However, the beauty of Fiverr (IMO) is that buyers are afforded the opportunity to select from thousands and thousands of freelancers to secure services at a heavily discounted price. There are benefits for both the buyer and seller when using Fiverr.

Product label

Product Label

As a buyer you can expect:

  • to find sellers with great work history as shared via seller reviews
  • professional work for $5 within the time frame you need
  • custom gigs created to meet your specific needs
  • professional work without the professional price tag

As a seller you can expect:

  • a great working environment to provide a variety of services
  • sufficient time to complete gigs
  • the flexibility to create your own custom gigs
  • instant funds transfers to your Paypal account (after transaction has completed)
  • the ability to create your own schedule offering only the services that you enjoy doing or come easiest to you
  • make your own schedule
  • no marketing, promoting or advertising, Fiverr handles it for you

How Fiverr Works
Getting started with Fiverr is simple. Create an account and select the simplest way to pay for the Gigs you purchase, including Paypal, credit card, BitCoin, Skrill, Dwolla, and Fiverr Credit (you must be already be selling on Fiverr to use this feature).

Next, browse the business-focused categories, including Graphics & Design, Online Marketing, Writing & Translation, Video & Animation, Music & Audio, Programming & Tech, Advertising, and General Business. Whatever it is that you will need, you will find it here! If you’re looking for someone to complete a voiceover, create a jingle for your product, increase your social media following or even promote your product to thousands of followers, Fiverr will quickly become your one stop shop! Sellers are eager to exceed your expectations as they would love to serve you again.

After finding just the right gig for you,  I would suggest you take a look at the buyers reviews. This will ensure that the buyer has a history of providing great service.  Feel free to also check out the seller’s profile page. You can see where the seller is located, the languages that they speak as well as the average time that it takes them to respond to questions. This is a great way to learn more about your potential seller prior to even starting your gig.

On the “Gig page,” you can read a general description of the gigs that are being offered, see the average time of completion, see the available upgrades—called “Gig extras”.

Completing your transaction is fast and simple! After having such a great working history with various buyers, I eventually started selling my own gigs. Feel free to check them out here or here https://www.fiverr.com/shiontae202

Some of the gigs I offer include:

  • How to make more money as an Uber driver
  • How to quickly increase your Ebay feedback rating
  • How to write a killer elevator speech
  • How to make money from home today, using what you already have (ebook, also available here)

Ultimately, as an avid user of Fiverr there are benefits to both the buyer and the seller. I have found that the money that I make on Fiverr comes pretty easy and I am than able to recycle the money that I have earned and use it to further grow my business by using it to pay for future services on Fiverr. The gigs that I offer are simple, straight to the point and are fluff free. I wrote all that I could on a specific topic, save it as a PDF file and am repeatedly paid for my work. Wash, rinse and repeat.

If you are interested in becoming a seller on Fiverr I would urge you to consider what comes easiest to you? Is there a specific topic that you find yourself providing clarity or insight on? Are you known for helping people/family/friends in a specific area? Now consider, would someone be willing to pay for it? The answer is more than likely “yes.” Create a gig and start getting paid for your knowledge. That’s what we are all doing.

Plain and simple, Fiverr has simplified the way small businesses can quickly expand and get their work out to the masses for less than the cost of a designer coffee. I hope this post has helped you to learn a little more about Fiverr and all that it has to offer. Please feel free to share this post and comment regarding your experience with Fiverr. I would love to hear from you.

Have a blessed and prosperous day!

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