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With only 2 days until Christmas (now that all of the shopping is done, fingers crossed) are you sitting back and dreading January 1st? The dreaded increase of credit card payments will kick in next month. Are you now feeling the weight of the world on your shoulders because you may have over spent this holiday season? Have you already made the promise to not be in this same position again next year? Using credit to pay for all of those holiday festivities may have seemed like the only way to get all of your holiday shopping done. If you can relate, don’t beat yourself up, your in good company. Many people have become accustomed to using credit to pay for necessities. Ultimately, your plan was quite innocent and shows just how much you truly enjoy seeing your loved ones happy.

If we’re honest, we know that this current method of “getting things done” will have to change today! Lets start on a new path of taking responsibility for our actions. Take a deep breath, exhale. Let today be the first day of the rest of your life. It’s time to set some goals & stick to them. Step 1, make a list of five things that you are willing to do, today,  to change your financial future. Take a moment to really consider where you are personally frivolously spending. It could be buying lunch daily, not making a list prior to running into (insert your favorite store here), buying gifts/treating yourself because you “deserve it,” etc. One of the best ways to really see where your money is going is to take an honest look at your bank statements. Those trips to Starbucks begin to add up really quickly when you do the math.

After taking a look at your statement you should now have a better understanding of exactly where your money is landing. It should also be a little easier to implement some changes. Step 2, implement a plan to carry out each step that you outlined in step 1. For example, if you decided to stop eating out for lunch/snacks while at work, make the plan to start cooking a little extra for dinner the night before to have leftovers prepared for lunch the next day. Step 3, (requires you to be a little more resourceful) find a way to make some extra money to offset the increase in credit card debt as well as pay some extra if you choose. Now I know you maybe thinking, “how am I going to make some extra money?” Well its not as hard as you may think, with a little effort you can quickly begin making some extra money on the side.

I have learned many ways over the years of how to make extra money from the comfort of my home, without a whole lot of effort. As a wife, stay at home mom and military vet I made a promise to myself that I would never rely on another company to pay me what I am worth. Since 2009 I have been making money in various ways. Lucky for you, I have comprised much of what I have learned about how to make money from home in an easy to read eBook, “How To Make Money Now Using What You Already Have!” For less than the cost of your favorite Latte ($2.99),  I will send you a copy and help you see just how simple it truly is to make money from home. It’s not rocket science, you just have to take action and get started today! Go to the “eBook” tab below to instantly purchase your copy today. You will be glad you did.


How To Get Paid "NOW" Using What You Already Have

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