Are You Thinking About Starting A Garden

Are you thinking about starting a garden? The Power of Persuasion as it relates to parenting is one of the many tools that every parent should have readily available within their tool box. I personally use my tactics for good (or so I tell myself). My almost 9 years of parenting has made me some what of an authority in the field of influencing my little ones to accomplish whatever task I need completed at that moment. My skills and ability to persuade my little ones (and hubby) are second to none. So quite naturally when we decided to start gardening last year, it was of the utmost of importance that we get our kids involved. Amazingly enough, I believe our kids may actually love gardening just as much as we do. The fact that our 4 year old absolutely loves eggplant and kale shows the importance of starting kids out as early as possible trying out various types of fruits and veggies.

Healthy Eating

Healthy Eating

The ability to share the importance of doing something as simple as taking out the recycling/trash is not as simple as some may think.  However by simply sharing something like an appreciation for help makes my little ones jump to help out. They enjoy being able to help mommy and daddy whenever we may need an extra hand. They enjoy seeing our smiles and being able to pitch in with various task including, watering the garden, pulling weeds, and tending to the garden.

Our Thriving Garden

Our Thriving Garden

Picking fresh fruit & veggies to enjoy as a family make us truly look forward to the warmer months.

The insight that we are able to share with our kids as we  work and nurture our garden will prove to be invaluable as well as an awesome way to bond.

Some of the benefits that our kids will learn by working with us to maintain our family garden include lessons like the importance of teamwork and understanding that we can get more done if we simply work together.  They will also learn the importance of responsibility and why it is important to water our garden and complete daily/weekly maintenance. They will quickly learn that plants need water, sunlight and food to thrive and that they will eventually get to enjoy the fruits of their labor.

Ultimately, we have come to enjoy picking from our harvest  as well as the peace that comes from playing in the dirt and taking in nature. The taste of fresh fruit and vegetables that we have grown ourselves is simply a bonus. Do you have or have you ever considered growing a garden? If so, here is a bit of information to get you started.  I would love for you to share your thoughts, experience. Please share, respond/comment below.


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