3 Signs You’re Giving Away Your Power

Are you, or someone you know giving away their “power” (to someone who doesn’t even deserve it)? While its painful to watch, chances are you answered yes. Hopefully it isn’t you however it seems the majority of us have either been though it or soon will. I’m just being honest. This topic was raised as I spoke with a friend on the phone. She continued to vent for almost an hourand asked for advice, from the stand point of a married woman.

She basically wanted my opinion on if she should walk away from her mail friend who was not interested in classifying their roles. He enjoyed being exclusive however didn’t want to rush into a title such as girlfriend & boyfriend after dating for several months. She obviously felt as if she was getting the short end of the stick. An hour into the conversation she was still wondering why he was so against a simple label if they were infact “exclusive.” She ended by deciding to just remain exclusive while “doing her.” After allowing her to vent and hearing her thoughts I felt immedieately compelled to ask her, “Why are you giving him all of your power?”After a long pause, she took a deep breath and recalled that another friend had asked her the same question months earlier. It seems to me, by her aloowing him to decide if they were ready for a title than she would just have to be willing to go with his flow. Is that even beneficial to her at all? I don’t believe so.

Don't Give Away Your Power!

Don’t Give Away Your Power!

From this conversation I gathered two important take aways. First, far two often women & men allow someone else to have all of the power regarding their happiness. So I must now ask you, are you allowing someone to be responsible for your happiness? Are you giving someone the golden ticket while allowing them to have all of the power? Think about that for a moment. What gives them the right to hold your heart hostage while they go and do whatever the hell they want to do. Take back your power, cut them loose and allow yourself the freedom to do and discover what makes you trulyhappy! You are worth it and you deserve it.

Second,  why is it that we have become so eager to ask others for validation instead of trusting our own intuition (gut)? Myself included. Who knows what we want better than us? We do. So why are we going to all of these out side sources to help us decide our next step? We need to start focusing and listenting to our gut about what we should be doing. Meditation would be a great start for most of us.

What can you expect from meditation? Well I’m glad you asked. When the mind is quiet, higher wisdom emerges quite naturally. Meditation helps with the gaining of insight & wisdom. It has also helped many people become more mindful of their feelings/intentions which makes the eradication of deep-rooted tendencies and habits possible. Starting your own daily meditation practice will quickly prove to be beneficial. Learn more here.

Immedieately after this initial phone call, I jumped on Periscope to share my thoughts. Check it out below. Be sure to follow me (@ieddas_brand on Periscope and Twitter) to enjoy other hot topics that are sure to spark a question or two.


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